Beautifully designed contemporary furniture

Design Pipeline

Composition is a young company dedicated to design and building crafted furniture. The Parabol table is our first venture and we have a number of ideas in the pipeline that we are working up.

Stools & Chairs

The form for the stools & chairs spun out of the idea for the Parabol table. Built from one material the intention is that it is one homogeneous piece.

The curved base twists and inverses as it rises into the seat and back.

The higher level stool has cut-outs for a foot rest and the pick-up handle.

We are currently investigating the best way to manufacture so watch
this space!

Plywood Coffee Table

Plywood is such a versatile product, but seldom is it used as the finished article. In this case we have taken it a step further and want to express the absolute nature of plywood by presenting the sandwiched layers as the finished surface. The subtle curves to the table edge are contrary to the normally flat nature of a typical sheet of plywood. The polished Stainless Steel legs contrast the organic nature of the plywood. In addition, we are adding a spray painted colour range and below we have showcased the  burnt orange and olive green colours.